Given what's going on in the music business
over the last fifteen years or so,
the story of Wilkes Booth band is truly a unique one.
A collaboration of four individuals whose single goal of
continuing to produce music of an abandoned genre
since it's demise, for the sake of their own enjoyment,
has proven that pure rock and roll will never die.

Dave Wilkes Booth
Wilkes Booth was originally conceived in
Hollywood, CA. on the famed Sunset Strip
back in 1992. Wilkes Booth was started by
guitarist Dave Wilkes Booth after
a failed attempt with another band, Rokzilla. 
Rokzilla had been together for years with
one album released to their credit--
First Foot Forward.
The fans of Rokzilla wanted to keep the momentum and
excitement of that band going, so
the need for the new band
was fulfilled, and
Wilkes Booth was formed.
Wilkes Booth performed regularly
in the famous nightclubs such as
Gazzarri's, The Roxy, The
Whiskey, and The Troubadour-
the very same clubs that spawned acts such as
Motley Crue, Van Halen, Guns n Roses and Poison.

Wilkes Booth played the same style
of music as these bands, but all
original in an attempt to achieve
the same national status
of the aforementioned bands.

Wilkes Booth released demos during these days
which received airplay on Los Angeles' famed
KNAC radio station.
It's Not So Funny
History Will Repeat
Wilkes Booth was also regularly appearing in various
rock magazines such as Rock City News and Bam,
with international circulation.
With a renowned agent intact and an appreciative
fan base, the pieces were in place for
the band to go all the way,
however the timing was wrong.
In late 1992 the music industry changed almost
overnight, whereas the glitzy "Hair Metal"
was no longer being embraced by the music industry.
Unwilling to change styles and compromise it's
integrity, the band uprooted to Upstate New York,
where it's members were originally from.
Ever since this transformation occurred, the band has
been relentlessly continuing on, performing for a
good cause at many benefit events also, in local
nightclubs, bars, and festivals in an attempt to revive
the spirit of old "Hair Metal".
The band believes that there is still a market for this music, due to it's continued success.
Wilkes Booth once again is in the prime position of
regaining it's chance to climb to the top of the heavy
metal heap. The unique feature of this band is that
they existed along side other now popular acts back
in the day, and they have managed to still
continue on after all these years,
and immediately released two full- length albums.
Blows U Away
One Night Stand
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Blows U Away
One Night Stand
The band has recently released its third CD entitled "Respect the Rock". "
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